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Standard Terms of Service and Guarantee
Permanent Placements

Our standard permanent placement fee is calculated at 15 percent of the employees total annual Cost to Company which includes salary, car allowance, allowances, bonuses and/or benefits that represent cash in alternative forms.

Guarantee: The Recruiters offers a replacement guarantee, subject to receiving the full payment within 7 days of the candidates starting date.

While The Recruiters (Pty) Ltd make every endeavour to assess and provide suitable candidates for our clients, we cannot warrant that any candidate will be fit for a specific vacancy and therefore require our clients to personally interview and approve of the candidates capabilities in their own best judgement.

Should the candidate resign or be dismissed after disciplinary action within the guarantee period, the client will be entitled to receive a replacement candidate to fill the same position.

Replacement guarantees will not be effective if the candidate is no longer employed due to termination as a result of operational requirements/restructuring, an unfair labour practice, or a breach of agreement with the employee which causes the said employee to leave.

In the event The Recruiters (Pty) Ltd cannot provide a suitable replacement candidate within a reasonable time frame, we offer our clients a pro-rata credit rebate based on a sliding scale as a percentage of the placement fee. Please note that such rebate is redeemable against any services offered by The Recruiters (Pty) Ltd and is available in our full Terms and Conditions document on request.

Our full standard placement fee is charged if any candidate is employed by a client or is referred directly and/or indirectly to a third party within 12 months of the candidate being introduced.

All candidates are referenced checked and on request a credit/criminal check, qualification verification etc. can be completed on selected candidates.

The Recruiters (Pty) Ltd will treat as confidential all dealings and correspondence with clients and consider the same confidentiality in return from clients (with regard to CVs and video files etc) as part of our terms and conditions.

Human Resource material is also available on request to clients as a service by The Recruiters (Pty) Ltd. Please note however that all such material is used at the sole risk and responsibility of the client.

Please keep a copy of the above terms and conditions for your records. For our specific Placement fee percentages as well as Guarantee periods, please contact us directly.