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Head of Program Support

Salary: 75000
Description: Job purpose
The purpose of this position is to manage, oversee and coordinate operational and strategic program support services to ensure program alignment with regional and global strategic priorities, quality, impact, and reporting together with compliance with global standards, protocols, and guidelines.

• Ensuring field ministry impact and progress monitoring for the region in alignment with global standards and requirements:
o Responsible for ensuring high quality of program designs that support regional and global strategic priorities.
o Oversee collection, reporting and interpretation of complex data and related information, including statistical values and provides advice and consultation regarding implications to leadership and other stakeholders. Ensure quality field impact reporting (PI).
o Support capacity building for program design and reporting for all subregions working in collaboration with SPMM functional lead.
o Support Subject Matter Experts/Coordinators in their role to bring quality improvements at various levels in our programs.
o Support Research team to provide quality data that feeds ODI processes (WWL) as well as regional and country strategy pro-cesses.
o Work with Global Operations Manager, develop and implement a dashboard to capture and report on strategy, programs, finance, and other critical data sets for the region harnessing relevant da-ta from all subregions
o Work with ODI and local staff to develop standards for program interventions based on best practices and ministry standards;
o Ensure quality of programs at regional level based on internal learning, contextualized best practices, and internationally agreed standards.

• Support Regional Strategy Implementation and Review:
o Coordinate region wide strategic planning and program poli-cy/procedure development.
o Coordinate operationalizing regional strategy in collaboration with Sub-regional Directors, by developing regional operating models.
o Ensure that regional leadership has relevant and sufficient data for decision making at strategic level.
o Coordinate regular strategy review processes.
Category: Management
General Requirements: Experiences and Qualifications
Key Qualities (Personality, Character, Calling, Culture)
• Ability to lead and influence staff to achieve personal and organizational goals.
• Process orientated with understanding of the dynamics of change management in a complex international organisation;

Key Skills and Experiences
• Bachelor’s level of education with higher level of working and thinking capability, qualifications in program management, M&E and Strategy (MBA or similar);
• Minimum of 10 years’ experience in ministry, business or development sector, with a minimum of 6 years managing projects in field; 5 years of proven experience in strategy development and execution in ministry context preferred or in an NGO / corporate setting;
• Cross-cultural sensitivity and ability to build relationships in different cultures;
• Ability to lead inclusive strategy development & execution processes, build quality assurance standards and lean processes and to break a strategy into objectives, projects and system requirements;
• Proven knowledge and application of quantitative and qualitative methodologies for monitoring and evaluation; deep understanding of current M&E trends and best practices;
• Able to manage Change in a complex, multicultural setting;
• Structured, organised and effective in delivering work on time whilst creating a learning organisation;
• Fluency in English (speaking and writing); Spanish, Portuguese or French a plus.

Job Dimension
The Team
• Leads Program Support Team consisting of Research and Information, Project Information, SPMM and Subject Matter Coordinators.
• Part of AFSLAB:
o Regional Team;
o Leadership Team.

Key Relationships
• Accountable to Regional Director for overall performance, planning, support, and guidance;
• Consult and collaborate with Sub Regional Directors to understand their needs and collaborate in implementation of processes;
• Consult and collaborate with Leadership Team regional strategic management and implementation;
• Responsible for supporting Subject Matter Coordinators in their work on program alignment and quality assurance;
• Collaborate with CPO Office and Global Operations Team for alignment purposes
Location: Johannesburg    
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