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Head of Organisational Support

Salary: 75000
Description: Job purpose
The primary responsibility of the HOS is to increase operational efficiency in the Organizational Support Departments providing leadership to the diverse team and overseeing daily activities.

Key Responsibilities
• Provide Leadership to Organizational Support team
o Deliver competent and efficient operational support through the development of a strong Organizational Support team; with a solid foundation of the Vision and Mission, Core Values and Field values of the organization.
o Lead, motivate and support a growing HOS department and team including the setup and implementation of career development plans for all direct reports and problem resolution.
o Manage timely data collection to update operations metrics to achieve productivity targets, reduce cost per unit, eliminate errors, and deliver excellent service to the PC.
o Maintain effective collaboration and communication between Organizational Support functions and all other departments within the organization.
• Ensure organizational efficiency
o Set and actively pursue strategic and operational objectives to accomplish ministry vision, playing a leading role in long-term planning, and to work towards operational excellence;
o Improving the operational systems, processes and policies in support of the organization\\\\\\\\\\\'s mission;
o Ensure operational activities remain on time and within defined budgets;
o Support better management reporting, information flow and management, business process and organizational planning;
o Conduct regional budget reviews with relevant teams and finance and report to management. Monitor implementation within budget framework;
o Maintain an excellent understanding of all ministry standards and procedures in terms of Finance, IT and People & Culture. Maintain all risk and compliance standards and processes.
Category: Management
General Requirements: Experiences and Qualifications
Key Qualities (Personality, Character, Calling, Culture)
• Ability to lead and influence staff to achieve personal and organizational goals.
• People orientated with understanding of the dynamics of change management in a complex international organisation;

Key Skills and Experiences
• Bachelor’s degree in operations management, business administration, or related field (MBA or similar);
• 10 years of senior management experience, with extensive experience in finance, risk and compliance management;
• Excellent ability to delegate responsibilities and empower people while maintaining organizational control;
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
• Problem-solving and decision-making aptitude;
• Able to manage multiple activities and identify priorities, meet deadlines and solve problems with shifting and competing values in a complex environment;
• Cross-cultural communication and interpersonal skills;
• Fluency in English (speaking and writing); Spanish, Portuguese or French a plus.

Job Dimension
The Team
• Lead Organizational Support Team consisting of Finance, IT and People & Culture.
• Part of AFSLA:
o Regional Team;
o Leadership Team.

Key Relationships
• Accountable to Regional Director with direct line for overall performance, planning, support, and guidance;
• Responsible for managing Finance, IT and People & Culture Regional Manager with direct reporting line for overall performance, planning, support, and guidance;
• Consult and collaborate with Leadership Team on management and implementation of organizational processes;
• Consult and collaborate with Sub Regional Directors to understand their needs and collaborate in implementation of processes;
• Consult and collaborate with relevant ODI departments to ensure compliance to all ministry standards.
Location: Johannesburg    
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