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Strategic Planning Director

Max Salary: R95000
Description: The Strategic Planing Director will be take brands to the next level by building the DNA of the connective tissue that gives brands/ companies real equity in the eyes of their clients and consumers. To inspire creative work that disrupts categories. This role is multifaceted and evolving. The responsibilities evolve with client relationships, reliance and recommendation. It is for those who can multi-task, as you will on any given day address a vast array of clients, briefs, reviews and problems to solve. It is very much so a role for someone who is both willing and able to get their hands dirty, not only in the work itself but in the development of the team to solidify the standard of strategies produced. This role includes Strategy, Operations, Business Development and People Development.
General Requirements: Requirements: This role requires advanced strategic ability that goes beyond branding and extends deeply into solving business problems, using branding as a tool. That being said, an obsession with people, brands and business is mandatory. It is critical to understand the relevance and fusion of various mediums to ensure strategic input goes beyond one specialty and is fully integrated. Experience in developing people is critical, as the industry lags with respect to strategic practice, and there is a big job to be done in up-skilling the branding and agency strategic skill-set. Exceptional facilitation and presentation skills as majority of this role lies in the strategic value you can add with and without a document, clients rely heavily on you for solutions and strategic guidance in all conversations and interactions. It is critical to have a solid understanding of a client’s business and deep insights into a plethora of markets, consumer microcosms and sub-segments across Africa. Ultimately, the role we play is interpreter between client and consumer. To do that a deep understanding of both is required Contact: cv4
Location: Johannesburg    
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